The Stepper: an Anti-Cellulite Ally

The Stepper: an Anti-Cellulite Ally

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You must know the Stepper machine, a fitness workout machine that doesn’t take up too much space, but did you know that this machine is very handy and efficient? It provides excellent anti-cellulite workouts and will help you tone your lower body.

The stepper & its anti-cellulite benefits

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Stepper machines provide good anti-cellulite workouts. Indeed it is a cardio activity that will help you burn fat and drain your tissues. These actions will help your body break up fat deposits and get rid of cellulite.

How does it work?

It is simple, this exercise reproduces the same motions you do when going up stairs. This exercise will allow you to work on your endurance and lower body muscles.

The Stepper will make your lower body muscles work: you will work on your legs, thighs and buttocks. The most cellulite-affected areas. Your legs and buttocks will be thinner and more toned. You can also work on your abdominal muscles while using your stepper. Tighten your abs while working out for a better posture.


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How to use my stepper?

This fitness accessory can be combined with circuit training and anti-cellulite massages. So you can do targeted exercise, cardio workouts with your stepper and then targeted massages with your anti-cellulite CelluBlue Cup for even quicker results!

Start with 3 workouts a week. Do 30-minute workouts until you get used to it and then progressively increase the length of your workouts. Some steppers enable you to choose the intensity of your workout, but go easy, otherwise you will loose your motivation. The best way to work out is to push your limits a bit more each time, progressively. Also make sure to choose a good pair of shoes and stay hydrated.

For a nice silhouette don’t forget to vary your cardio activities. You can associate stepper workouts with swimming, or tennis, or any other sport that will make your upper body muscles work.

Don’t forget to stretch after each workout to avoid muscle soreness and help your muscles rest.

See you soon for more anti-cellulite tips!

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