Privacy & Confidentiality policy

Our company is commited to respect reglementary and ethical provisions concerning the protection of personal data, in accordance with the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Law.

These provisions assure you that your personal data will be dealt with in conformity with these dispositions.

Cookies and collected navigation data

A cookie is a small document that the server of the website you visit leaves on your hard disk, and in which information is stored. They mainly help prepare your next visit and personalize the pages you will visit.

You can desable this function, but you won't be able to visit some websites or certain pages.

You can also delete cookies from your hard disk after visiting a website which uses cookies, from your navigator's toolbar.

For technical reasons (to make navigation on our website easy, allow you to get special offers to which you may be intitled, to prevent each customer from reintering their details when needed and target or retarget ads) CelluBlue - KYRENA SARL uses cookies.

You do not take any risk when you accept the use of cookies. Indeed, we don't keep any personal information without your consent and before informing you. The details that you may enter (name, surname, e-mail, preferences…) are kept to provide the required goods.

Data stored by KYRENA SARL

When you place an order we only request personal details that will allow us to process and track orders efficiently. These details are stored on a secured server and are immediately crypted. We keep your name, surname, home address, way of paiement and order details because they are necessary to process you order and manage our customer care correctly.

If you agreed to we will also keep your date of birth, phone number and e-mail address.

Right to oppose & data registration

We will ask you a number of details to manage our customer care service the best we can, and provide the service you are expecting.

On each form that contains personal details, we mention that these details are necessary for us to be able to manage any request you may have as well as the consequences if you prefer not communicating these details (impossibility to aswer you request : order, payement, subscription...).

KYRENA SARL 's commercial offers

If you allow us we will offer you special services or offers (by e-mail only).

Availability of your personal details

We are commited to never hand over any personal details concerning our customers.

Some companies, with whom we collaborate, may send you special offers (by post, e-mail, telephone if you agree to).

The only details we may hand over to other companies are your name, first name and address.

If you don't want us to, just send us a letter mentionning your name, first name, address and your request. This decision will not affect the processing of your order.

In no surcomstances will we hand over your e-mail address.


If you don't want to receive unwanted offers by e-mail, you can registrer on the e-robinson list for free.

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Right to access documents

In accordance with the 78-17 law "Technology and Liberties" (art. 34 and 36), you have the right to access, change and delete data that concerns you directly. To exercise this right, just contact us :

Service droit d'accès
231, rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris

Please enclose a photocpie of a piece of identity.