How does it work?

The CelluBlue® Cup is very easy to use. Discover our method in the following video:

How to use my CelluBlue® Cup?

You can use your Cellublue® Cup on all areas affected by cellulite: thighs, buttocks, knees, calves, abdomen and arms.
You should massage each chosen area for at least 5 minutes daily.


Apply the body oil of your choice on the cellulite-affected area you want to massage (the cup should slide on your skin, so avoid using body lotions and gels)


Apply firm pressure on the sides of the CelluBlue® Cup, to release the air.


Place the cup at the bottom of the chosen area, without releasing presure.


Slowly let go. Your skin is immediately sucked into the cup.


If the suction feels too strong, reduce it by slightly skeezing the sides of the cup to release some air.


Massage the area from bottom to top.
Repeat for 3 minutes.
Never go back and forth!


Continue working upwards making zig-zag motions starting from the inside out for 1 minute. Always from bottom to top.


End your massage by making small circular motions for 1 minute. Still from bottom to top.


To get rid of deep cellulite, you can finish your massage by firmly pressing your CelluBlue® Cup into your skin. Move your cup a few centimeters without releasing the presure and wait a few seconds before moving it again. Do this on all the areas you want to work on.

Massage each area for at least 5 minutes a day. You can increase the length of each massage session depending on your cellulite type.

Do your massage every day to get results.

Your progress can be different from one woman to another and depend on the cellulite type.

We strongly recommend drinking 3 large glasses of water within an hour after using your CelluBlue® Cup to detoxify your body.

Ready to use your CelluBlue® Cup?

Anti-cellulite diagnosis

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