Healthy tips

To fight cellulite efficiently and reshape your body you should combine massages with the CelluBlue® Cup, healthy meals and workouts.


To reach your goals and have longterm results, you have to exercise. Cardio workouts are recommanded to keep a healthy heart, body and mind. These kind of activities help burn calories and enhance your physical capacities. You can work on you entire body with activities like biking, swimming, running... All these activities are very efficient to get rid of cellulite.

You can also do easy exercises at home like squats, push ups, crunches… These exercices will strengthen your muscles and reshape your silhouette step by step. Don't forget that it takes a 45 minute workout to start breaking up fat deposits.

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It is essential to give your body all the energy it needs. To maintain a healthy diet your daily intake should be close to the following menu:

  • 30g of oats or 50g of rye bread with honey, agave syrup or 1 teaspoon of jam
  • 1 0% fat yogurt
  • 1 fruit
  • 1 cup of green tea or coffee (without sugar)

Your meal has to include at least 1 fruit or vegetable, do not add more than one starchy food or dairy product. The ideal plate contains 200g of vegetables or salad + one egg or between 100 and 150g of meat or fish and a small portion of bread. As a desert you can have a yogurt. Don't forget to drink a lot of water throughout the day. If you want to eat rice or pasta it is best to have it for lunch.


If you eat meat at lunch time, no need to have more for diner. Instead have an egg with salad and/or soup. Your meal will also depend on your days and seasons because menus can vary. Your evening meal must be light and give you the nutrients you haven't had throughout the day.

Avoid sugary foods that help put on weight and choose foods that are rich in omega 3 which will help get rid of cellulite.

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It is vital to drink water throughout the day to help the circulation of liquids in your body and eliminate toxines. You can add some lemon to add a little taste, lemon being the first detox food that helps clean you body from the inside.

Don't hesitate drinking green tea and plante based infusions. Green tea is a great antioxydant, with diuretic and sliming effects, it helps fight cellulite and breaks down fat cells.

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Workout tips

Why only one?

For even more quicker results you can do your daily massage with 2 CelluBlue® Cups to work on two different areas at the same time. This is ideal for thighs and buttocks.

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Your workout routine

  1. Cellublue® Cup massages

    You should do at least 3 Cellublue® Cup massages every week per area. Each session should last at least 5min. You can increase the number of sessions depending on your cellulite type.

  2. SQUAT sessions

    After your massage using the Cellublue® Cup do a series of squats. This exercice will help tone your thighs and buttocks without increasing the size of your muscles, and will help eliminate cellulite.

    Rhythm :Start with a series of 15 squats, then repeat this number for 4 days, increase the number of squats every 4 days.

Get toned thighs

This program will help you reshape your silhouette, tone your thighs and get rid of cellulite in only 3 weeks.

Position: In a standing position, place your feet parallel and aligned with your shoulders. While keeping your back as straight as possible bend your knees to end up in a sitting possition. It is normal if your back goes slightly forward, but your knees should stay aligned with your ankles.

Position: Une fois dans cette position, vous devez sentir travailler les fesses et les cuisses. Le plus important est de rester tonique et de ne pas basculer vers l'avant. Pour remonter, prenez bien appui dans le sol pour éviter tout déséquilibre et poussez vers le haut avec les jambes. Vous pouvez contracter les fesses pendant la montée pour encore plus d'efficacité.

My anti-cellulite diagnosis

There are 3 types of cellulite. To find out what type you have, just answer the questions in our diagnostic test, and we will tell you where to focus your efforts to eliminate cellulite effectively.

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