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Now you can manage your workouts and track your results anywhere!

Easy to use

The app allows you to easely manage your daily anti-cellulite workouts and track your results.

The timer

Time is important when working on getting rid of your cellulite. The integrated timer gives you the exact time you should spend on each area.

My Personal Results

The CelluBlue® Cup really works! Simply choose the areas of your body that you want to work on, enter your measurements as you go along and see your results evolve gradually.

My Calendar

The best way to really get rid of cellulite, is to workout daily. The calendar feature helps you keep track of your daily workouts.

How to access the app?

The app can only be used by CelluBlue® registered team members. To access the app please enter the validation code you received by e-mail after your purchase.

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With our online app your smartphone becomes your personal anti-cellulite coach! You can now manage your workouts and track your results.

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