CelluBlue®is a registered trademark of KYRENA SARL, located in Paris.

CelluBlue cups® are designed and made in France. The silicone used is environmentally friendly and not harmful to the skin. The cup is sold in a small, portable and unbreakable pouch that you can take with you anywhere you go!

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With our revolutionary cup, all women can fight cellulite efficiently. Everything you need is in your hands.

Across the globe

We count 21 people in our team that work everyday on new projects and new ideas to meet women's needs.

In times like today, where our image and figure is more than ever important, 92% of women still struggle with cellulite.

The use of suction cups for their detoxifying (helps blood ciruclation) and relaxing properties (soothes muscle pains) itsn't new. This technique was used for a long time in traditional Chinese medicine, but using this method for anti-cellulite and slimming massages is what put CelluBlue® on the map.

The CelluBlue® Cup helps all women who want to get rid of their cellulite. The cup can be used on all skin and cellulite types. You can massage with your CelluBlue® Cup when you want, where you want and with a small budget.

From Paris with love

Paris, France's capital city, also known as the world's beauty and luxury capital city, headquarters of many high end fashion and cosmetics houses, we are proud to present CelluBlue®, the parisian cup. A must have for all women.

Because it is important for us to offer you the best quality goods and take care of your skin.